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for how much rhd does peacock go for?

2021.11.30 11:32 ShrekBiggest_Lover for how much rhd does peacock go for?

Also gonna sell it.
View Poll
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2021.11.30 11:32 GroundbreakingGap264 Tuttyespinoza insta

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2021.11.30 11:32 Jolly-Implement7016 Adding miners

I already own DNN, URG, UEC, UEX, Goviex and Fission.
Now I’m looking for companies that have everything ready for production. So say the price rises to $75 they can start production. Want 2 more in my portfolio.
Any thoughts?
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2021.11.30 11:32 esssdeeee Boris signs to Sacred Bones Records; announces new album ‘W’ out 21 January

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2021.11.30 11:32 Ok_Community6459 Fbjdn

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2021.11.30 11:32 ZoolShop Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough tells customers they must wear face masks

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2021.11.30 11:32 theminememes warden

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2021.11.30 11:32 Woody_320 What do we think about Westbrook-Ikhine?

In my personal opinion he looks good out on the field and might be able to keep at least a WR3 value for awhile. Thoughts?
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2021.11.30 11:32 railsdave It Wasn't Me - Shaggy - Acoustic Drum Cover

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2021.11.30 11:32 donlaaxer Prestige in Vanguard

So idk if this was discussed already but is it me or we can't pass prestige 3 in Vanguard? I've been playing all Thanksgiving weekend and at first I thought it was a glitch but I've been stuck at prestige 3 lvl 101 and it wont move
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2021.11.30 11:32 No-Photograph5883 Me indiquem em escolas/colégios/ cursinhos

Sou professor de física, bilíngue( inglês) e estou chegando em Brasília esse ano.
Preciso trabalhar urgentemente pra ajudar meu pai que acabou de fazer um transplante e não pude trabalhar.
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2021.11.30 11:32 debazthed ich_iel

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2021.11.30 11:32 ChadDescartes Need a badhpilsophy review on a YouTube channel.

This channel is actually probably pretty good, but I am a layman and the inflammatory titles don't help, the channels name is Thoughts on Thinking.
It seems like they started out with pretty reasonable videos, examining Jung, Freud etc. But then the channel seems to go into the deep end. With titles insinuating the UN is an occult entity, videos about mass media control, the guy even has a video about how the CIA created google.
I think that the titles may just be clickbait, and the videos are presented well enough to at least garner some thought; but, like I say, I am a layman, so I can't really distinguish between good and bad philosophy online.
If it is bad philosophy feel free to laugh along with me, otherwise it will be interesting to hear what you think!
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2021.11.30 11:32 NicCagedd Getting a Killing Fenzy or more should contribute to get Killing Sprees challenges

I shouldn't have to suicide after getting five kills so I can continue making progress on the challenge. I swear, a lot of these challenges really just hinder matches
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2021.11.30 11:32 osoriense Brazil hits out at EU ‘protectionism’ behind planned anti-deforestation law

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2021.11.30 11:32 LucasFenintor Productos para mejores resultados

Buenas, estoy incursionando en el mundo del cultivo y me gustaría saber cuáles son los los productos que comprar o caceros más imprescindibles y que mejores resultados tienen, por ejemplo me hablaron de la melasa de azúcar. Ya que cuando cobre planeaba abastecerne de lo necesario. No quiero lujos, sé qué el mercado está repleto de cosas para plantas, pero si quisiera hacerme con lo más importante para pretender cogollos de buena calidad. Desde ya, muchas gracias.
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2021.11.30 11:32 awecasper Hi, Casper Signer is the official wallet for CSPR.

Hi, Casper Signer is the official wallet for CSPR. Start here: https://cspr.live/sign-in The Ledger app is with Ledger for final approval. You can use Bitkeep for mobile. There is also Gosuto (currently in beta), if you wish to try it: *Please note: "This is a Beta Product, Please Use at Your Own Risk." https://gosutowallet.com/ 😃 Here's the guide for staking: https://casper.network/docs/workflow/staking You may also join https://t.me/casperblockchainstaking 😃
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2021.11.30 11:32 Narrow_Association43 Marcelo T. de Alvear (cuarto), Jorge Newbery (el quinto desde la izquierda), Eugenio Pini, director de la sala de esgrima del Jockey Club (octavo), y Julián Martínez (noveno).

Marcelo T. de Alvear (cuarto), Jorge Newbery (el quinto desde la izquierda), Eugenio Pini, director de la sala de esgrima del Jockey Club (octavo), y Julián Martínez (noveno). submitted by Narrow_Association43 to argentina [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 11:32 Meowlersome [Tutorial] Beat Crazed Axe Easily

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I heard crazed axe is among the hardest crazed stage but I was surprised I beat it because I am the type of person to grind tickets and stuff like that. I don't evem have all basic cat true forms.
So for my line up: items: sniper, rich cat(highly recommeded)
1st row: macho cat 20+8, eraser 20+13, crazed wall 20, sanzo(true form bishop)30+3, captain cat(evolved pirate) 20+2
2nd row: octopus(true form kotatsu)30, crazed whale 20, cyborg(true form salon) 31, crazed bahamut 30, ururun cat 28
Now I will explain the line up and not give you a guide because I am lazy so this aint a proper guide. Go figure out the stage yourself mwahahahahaha. This post is definitely gonna get taken down
MACHO, ERASER, CRAZED WALL are basic meashields
SANZO to slow the annoying shy boy red faces,
OCTOPUS to be bonus meatshield against the shy boys because it takes less dmg from floating
CAPTAIN CAT to knockback all reds kinda replaceable because it useless unless you in a pinch
CYBORG for overall dmg against everything except crazed axe because he outranges her
CRAZED WHALE to shred reds or the shy boys but probably gets shredded by crazed axe haha
BAHAMUT and URURUN as main dmg dealers to take down axe and all other stuff like shy boys
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2021.11.30 11:32 trafficjohnson Daily Onee-san #376

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2021.11.30 11:32 Bish489 There's not enough room for the two of us pardner

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2021.11.30 11:32 Aekaitz Guess I'm here now. (long post)

Hello folks. Best wishes of healing and happiness for all of you.
I guess my story can be pieced together from my various posts in BreakUps, but I've left that sub for this one because I think it will be better for me.
He and I met in Sociology 101 at age 19 in 2016 at a weird point in my life. At the beginning of the semester where I met him, I FINALLY left a 2.5 year horrible high school relationship where I'd been cheated on and destroyed more times than I can count. It was a huge step for me. I jumped into a short relationship with a love-bomber right after this who left me after a month for his best female friend. However, because of this short relationship, I finally found myself. I assimilated into his friend group and made a lot of cool memories, rebuilt my confidence and self respect. The Sociology guy was in the back of my mind the whole time, not as an interest at first, only really speaking through class and grabbing lunch, but I thought he was attractive and funny.
I got his number right at the end of the semester before we parted ways. And then we didn't speak. Until the middle of summer when I sent him a random text asking if he'd signed up for classes yet. That spurred the start of what I'll call the most beautiful thing that's happened to me. By August we were official. Falling in love with him was a slow drip over a few months, but the moment I realised it, there was no looking back. For 5 years he was my rock, the one unmoving thing in this constantly moving world. He mentioned getting married by year 2, when one of his friends got engaged. He was always there for me, through thick and thin, we couldn't keep our hands off each other or go more than three days without seeing each other. He was my taxi before I could drive, I spent 5 vacations with his incredible family, he was terrified of losing me. I can't express how incredible this man is. Surprise flowers, surprise trips, listening to me and taking me to concerts that he KNEW I'd love, and I returned the favor. Countless random walks and playing video games together. His family became my family. We both called it forever. Right before the pandemic, we had opened a joint bank account and started looking at houses. A home to start our lives in, with our planned husky puppy and a million business trips that I'd join him on.
Two years ago, I started gaining weight. At first, it was a great thing. I had been underweight for most of my life due to a medical condition I finally had controlled. But I figured, hell, I'll get it under control. I've never been overweight. But it kept going. And as it kept going, He started voicing concern. Not for the weight but for my health. I wasn't an active person. Hated the gym. But he got me to join his, and I went for maybe a month. He always encouraged me, and throughout the two years I halfheartedly tried countless "diets" and ignored exercise, only joining him every so often. My confidence fell. I stopped feeling worth it. The pandemic exacerbated it. I got laid off from the job I already hated and was stuck in my house due to my condition and due to him begging me to stay home because he couldn't lose me to the virus. We stopped seeing each other as often. He got laid off too and I could tell it affected him, but by this time, I was too wrapped up in my own bullshit to help him.
Early this year, I hit my lowest. 250lbs, over 80lbs overweight, high blood pressure, no confidence, no self-worth, entirely depressed and apathetic. I no longer wanted to leave my house. Sometimes when he invited me over for the weekend, I'd come over for a night and then go back home and hide in my room. I didn't see his family for months at a time, when before it was 4-5 times a week or more. I'd stopped gaming with him and his friends because I was too low to allow myself to look like a fool when I was bad. I stopped applying for jobs and a lot of our conversations were just me complaining about how much I hated my job. He carried all our weight. I didn't notice. He'd never leave me, right? The love in his eyes was too strong. I'd sort myself out eventually.
He left me on October 7th. Three days before, I was at a wonderful wedding shower with his mom and grandmother for his godmother and everything seemed fine, his family was none the wiser. Right before I turned 24. He said he just didn't know if we were right anymore and he didn't know if his feelings were the same. He cared and loved me as a person but it was time to go seperate ways. I was blindsided at the time, because he didn't really communicate he was unhappy. That was his mistake. I think it was because he always wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt but it was still a mistake.
I didn't really beg, but as I analysed everything and dealt with this wake up call, I tried for a month and a half to get him to reconsider. In these two months since I've lost 25lbs (over this year in total, I've lost 35, but 25 in this time frame.). Been to the gym every. Single. Day. Since October 11th. Of course I love it now, I realised how much it would have changed things had I just committed two years ago. It prevents me from being pissed at work all the time and makes me feel so great and accomplished. I got a psychologist, finally. I've sent out 200 job applications and I'm looking every other day for more. Nothing yet but more responses at least! I'm happy again, the way I was two years ago. But he's convinced in his decision.
We spoke here and there after that, he was friendly sometimes and other times completely shut off. Told me he'd not want to block me or cut me out completely but he didn't want to keep discussing the relationship. Told me about how he'd hurt himself at work and we talked about that for a while. At first he was very final and said never again, but after I sent him a final letter a few weeks ago with everything I'd analysed about our relationship and what could so easily be fixed, it was less final. He said he wouldn't be opposed to trying again down the line but for now, we have to go seperate ways. Said he'd always be there if I had a workout question. The next time I texted him I discovered I was blocked. His unused Facebook account suddenly reactivated, though, so I know he was still checking up on me. I don't know whats going through his head and I guess I won't for now. His job is dangerous sometimes and I worry about him
It hurts. A lot. I still have this feeling we have a chance, because we had a really special connection, but for now I know he needs space and time to think and process things himself. I can't do that for him. Last night I sent him a final voice message through Instagram telling him about a funny memory of our cruise three years ago that I remembered, and saying I hoped he had a good thanksgiving. I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram for the near future, and deleted his number, and his all our photos.
I know no contact is for the best, but god, is this going to be hard. Thanks for making it this far. I probably sound pathetic but don't we all sometimes.
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2021.11.30 11:32 TheFourHorsemenNJ New strain alert from Breakwater!! 👍🏽👍🏽🔥🔥

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2021.11.30 11:32 DeliriousBacon The Golden Tower heist (Idea/Prediction) (Payday 2) ( I do't suggest the entire heist be added, I just couldn't think of a better flair)

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2021.11.30 11:32 Lemon_krow Anyone used this site?

Yeah i an interested in buying diecast plane models, and found this website that i really like. It's called AirModels and im wondering if anyone here has used it to buy models before? And if so what's your experience with them.
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