2022.01.28 02:16 Isbo2000 anyways

people come and go
some stick
some slide away
but what matters is the ones that stick the longest
they are the ones holding on to you
they really care
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2022.01.28 02:16 WorthySlicing Compare 2 dates by month

Hi all,
How do I compare 2 dates (cell C2 and C3) whereby if C3 month is bigger than C2, use the =DATEDIF(C2,C3,"m")
If the month is 1 or less, show the 0.

I have C2 which is using the formula =TODAY()
Then in C3, I have the user to manually input a date. Eg. 28 02 2022.
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2022.01.28 02:16 sexysaxmasta Guys I just found this playlist on my girlfriend’s Spotify….should I be concerned? 😭

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2022.01.28 02:16 bot_painani Premio Breach/Valdez busca reconocer a periodistas en México – Centro de Información de la ONU - ONU. Centro de Información México

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2022.01.28 02:16 666lazy loner

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2022.01.28 02:16 VillagePawnMeister Love the eTron GT but Soultown sounded better in the Rolls.

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2022.01.28 02:16 iHaller January 27 Evo upgrades!

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2022.01.28 02:16 ToesMeetWater How do you handle language proficiencies?

I’ve been thinking recently about language proficiencies and how they should be used in-game. There’s a difference between being fluent in a language and being proficient, but I never really considered the nuances until recently and I’m trying to figure out the best mechanics for my table.
My inclination is to differentiate between innate languages and learned languages. A character would be perfectly fluent in their racial/cultural languages and would not need any “translation”. But for languages that they have “learned” they would need to roll a check which would determine how well they are able to translate what they hearead into their native language. Lower rolls might result in more abstract translations, or they might lose some of the idiomatic context, but the character would still glean a reasonable understanding.
How do all of you handle this? Do you consider your PCs to be perfectly fluent in any languages they have proficiency in? Does it matter what the source of that proficiency is (race, background, feat, etc)? Would you ever make them roll a language check to understand something? Do you give them a literal translation, or do they understand idioms?
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2022.01.28 02:16 BrinkofEternity Fantech Helios XD3 V2 First Impressions

Ordered from AliExpress on 1/11/22. Arrived 1/26/22. Testing on a Razer Strider pad. I’d been using a Xenics Titan Air Wireless for a while because I’m obsessed with the shape, so I will mainly be comparing the two.
This Helios XD3 is virtually identical. Holding them next to each other it’s hard to tell the difference, other than the hump in front of the scroll wheel. The skates are a different shape as well. The Helios feels a bit faster but also louder, although the skates are not broken in yet.
The Helios XD3 has a pretty nice feeling textured coating, a bit rougher than the Xenics, which is good because the coating has started to completely wear off of my Xenics. I’m hoping the coating on the XD3 lasts a bit longer. It’s smoother on the top of the mouse and more coarse around the sides. Despite the texture, it still feels a bit slippery in my hand, although does get a bit better once in well into a gaming session.
The RGB on the Helios XD3 is similar in style to the Xenics, but it’s much more tasteful. The lighting is brighter and you can actually pick a custom color, unlike the Xenics which just gets muddy looking when you choose a color other than red, blue, or green. The mouse feels pretty well built. It’s pretty solid with no weird flexing, although there is a bit of a creek when pushing down on the back of the mouse.
I personally prefer a heavier click. I love LOVE the clicks on the Xenics Titan Air. Every click feels like I’m snapping a toothpick with my fingers. The clicks on the Helios XD3 are lighter. Probably right in between the Titan and the Logitech G303 Shroud. I do find myself accidentally pressing right click when the action gets heavy, but it’s not something I won’t get used to. Overall, I’d say they feel pretty satisfying, not too light, not to heavy. There’s no wobble. Little to no pre-travel.
THE SIDE BUTTONS!!!!! I’m sorry but these side buttons are just awful. They feel like they belong on a dollar store mouse. I don’t understand why the decision was made to put these marshmallow potato’s on the side of an otherwise very premium feeling mouse. It really sucks and I hope if there’s ever, V3 this is addressed. The scroll wheel feels…fine. The stepping is very subtle. I don’t have any issues switching weapons in a game or scrolling through a webpage. The middle mouse button takes an above average amount of pressure to activate, which may throw some people off.
The 3370 sensor feels just like the Xenics which is great. The LOD is adjustable from 1mm and 2mm in the software. You can also adjust debounce, double click speed, ripple control, and angle snapping, if that’s your thing. I left all that stuff at it’s default settings. It’s set to 4ms debounce. The software is actually really well done. I dig it. Back to the sensor, the only thing I’ve noticed is it feels a bit more sensitive to micro-adjustments than the Xenics, which I’m fairly certain is due to lower latency.
Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty great buy for the $67 price tag, if you can get past the horrible side buttons. It feels more premium than the Xenics Titan and PWNAGE Symm in every other aspect. I won’t be switch back for the time being. Hopefully, this helped someone out. Here are some photos and comparisons.
Btw, the packaging was really nice and included an extra pair of skates. The included cable is the same type of sleeved cable you get with a PWNAGE mouse, although the wireless adapter is much heavier and nicer.
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2022.01.28 02:16 jkdhs [USA-AR] [H] PayPal [W] Macbook Pro 2013 - 2015

I am looking for: Macbook Pro 2013 - 2015
15" preferred. 16GB Ram / 512GB - 1TB storage.
Doesn't have to be in mint shape. Not looking for anything broken or needing to be serviced. No screen delamination.
Thank you!
Repairs: None
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2022.01.28 02:16 GreenFeather05 Need help finding recently posted set

There was a map set that came up in my feed tonight that I forgot to save and I am scrambling trying to find it. Haven't had any luck yet.
The creator seemed to focus on mostly custom assets to import into mapping software like inkarnate. Such as furniture pieces, tiles etc. The specific set I was looking for was what appeared to be a running river with various assets such as water flow currents, water bending around objects such as rocks.
Many thanks
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2022.01.28 02:16 MonkeMayne Field Med post A School

Hey guys. Recently got here to my A School in Fort Sam.
I was told by some of the instructors that Field Med/Greenside orders straight out of here are possible. They mentioned 10 slots were open in the last class they were in charge of, for example.
I know the general consensus here is that it isn't happening, so in the event I'm not able to get Field Med and or Greenside orders out of here, how can I get assigned to a Seabee unit out of A school? Is it even possible?
Also, any general tips or advice is welcome!
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.28 02:16 initiald-ejavu Spent 3 hours on this have no clue how to do it. Help
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2022.01.28 02:16 ShutYourDutchUp What are Aarons thoughts on Disambiguation?

Has he ever said if he liked it or didn't like it? Or felt jealous that it was so heavy or so good without him? Also, do they play any of the live with Aaron back?
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2022.01.28 02:16 Putzo90 Phone addiction

My wife (F27) and I (M31) have a missed match libido, that’s fine I never want to make love if she isn’t 100 percent in the mood at the moment we make love 2-3 times a month, I would like more but I’m also completely fine with this because I know when we do it is for us and not because she feel pressured, there has been times where she had thought this way where she felt pressured, it just pushed her away and makes me feel horrible, yesterday though about 5 times throughout the day she came up to me and was being quite erotic wanting to be touched, wanted my hands up her dress touching me, I love this stuff when we do have sex it is always very intense and grate beast sex of our lives by far, when she was doing this though our 2 children are awake 4 and 5 we can’t just duck of and get it on, she made sure to tell me that once the kids are in bed thee is no garente we will make love, I understand this and I’m ok with this I get it , but what happened and what seems to happen quite often is she puts the youngest the (4girl) to bed I put the (5boy) to bed and she is scrolling on her phone, I do this to, but once there asleep we both come out to the lounge room I’ll try to talk to her she will struggle to even listen because of the phone, i love poetry I all so have dyslexia so I read out load it helps me read, hrs go by and she is just scrolling, while I read, I’d talk but she doesn’t wasn’t to, before bed I as kindly as possible pointed out that I think the phone is a issue and she insists that no,If she wanted me she would put the phone away she just wants to go on the phone, i don’t know how to go about this because I don’t want her to put it down for me and be just thinking about the phone I need her to see that it’s not healthy and not be ok with it
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2022.01.28 02:16 unforced_err The Longest Road on Earth - Launch Trailer

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2022.01.28 02:16 unknownquarter Found a guitar while cleaning out my new house’s attic. Any idea what this is?

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2022.01.28 02:16 ughstopseducingme To be (working) or not to be (working)

I completed 5 years integrated law towards the end of 2021 and I am working at a small sized litigation firm as an advocate now. I am also an amateur classical dancer. Ever since my first year, I had my eyes set on litigation and pursued internships and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with an objective to gain skills that are primarily required for litigation. In my 4th year, I happened to write articles for a friend where a considerable amount of policy research and analysis was involved and I genuinely loved it. I did a small course on policy analysis. Until then, I still wanted to do litigation and have a small wing that engaged in policy research and analysis. Thereafter, in my final year, I applied to a political office for what seemed like a policy internship but was a mixture of volunteering for their political campaigns and projects as well.
During this internship, there were some interns who were studying for CSE and other exams. Some more people were becoming interested to appear for CSE because of them too. I was having a conversation about this and my interest in LAMP fellowship with my dad. He asked me why I haven't ever thought of appearing for CSE given my interest towards current affairs and policy. I gave him the standard answer that it's a whole another wing of the government and it wouldn't be a good fit especially after a professional course like law, which is a standard answer most law students give and what professors also lecture us about. My dad had prepared for UPSC back in his day, had cleared prelims twice but couldn't clear mains by a couple of marks. He couldn't appear for the third time due to money and family pressure. I assumed he was trying to push his dreams on to me so I gave him the standard answer again. I also told him that I don't think I am smart enough to clear it and he told me that nobody is smart enough for it and that it's mostly hardwork that pays off. He calmly said, just think about it, I am okay with you not doing it.
I thought about it and told him that I was willing to give it a shot but I needed to work because I needed my career to go somewhere in litigation atleast if UPSC didn't work out. My dad tried to persuade me into not working but I was the one who refused to budge. There have been some setbacks in studying because of internals, exams, family functions, family trips, etc. but I am studying the static portion.
When I was waiting for my final exam results, I got worried about job search, UPSC preparation and dance. I had reservations about working but this time, dad told me that I should work xD
I was planning on applying for LAMP but then I got the job that I have now. It's been about 2 weeks since I started working and boy, in two days I realised that the work culture is super unsustainable given my interest in UPSC and dance/fitness. - I wake up at 7 and freshen up, leave at 8:15, start work at 9:30, reach home by 9:30 and sleep by 11. - I get no time for dance practice (I need atleast 5 hours from warm up to cool down because of my injuries). Since I don't get time to practice during the week, my injuries start bothering me again. I am very sure that I can't forego dance because I really do need do stay active to remain healthy. -I haven't been able to study the static portion except on Sundays. The only reading I get during weekdays is reading newspaper on the metro but I'll be honest, there are a lot of distractions and I need some time off of work where I am just resting.
I am aware some people prepare for the exam while working but I am not sure if their work hours are this long. I feel like I need to take a call soon because the longer I am at my job, the more drained I get, the more harm I cause my body and the more time I lose for preparation.
I am also aware that civil servants don't even get the work-life balance (if I can call it that) that I have now.
I'm sorry for the long post. Those of you who were working and quit to prepare, what kind of challenges did you have to face before? What are your alternatives if you can't clear CSE?
This is specifically for women, do you get pressurised to marry if you can't clear soon?
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2022.01.28 02:16 _SpaceCakes_ [US] [Trading] Fruits baskets, Old Boy Complete, Midori Days Complete, BERSERK, Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Lone Wolf and Cub

Pics of Books
Only trading currently, ISO books below
Lone wolf and cub 6,18,22,27
Fruits Basket 1-13,15,17,20-22
Berserk 1,3,12,31-37 extra 35
I N V U 1-4
Black Lagoon 1
Devilman 1 DAMAGED
Fist of North Star 2
Gun smith Cats : Bad Trip, goldie vs misty
Blade of The Immortal omni 1, singles 4,5,6
Hunter X Hunter 21,23,24,25
Cowboy Bebop shooting star 1, 2 ,
Cowboy Bebop 3
Attack on Titan 34 BAM edition
Old Boy 1- 8 complete extra 3 , 8(Sealed)
Gundam win endless waltz
Gundam wing Glory of losers 1
Gundam Last resort 1,2
gintama 1,2
Cyborg 009 1
Gurren Lagann 1-5 ( 2-5 have posters)
Sundome 6,7
Blame 1 (Tokyo Pop)
Dragonhead 2
Initial D 14,14,25

Trading for :
gto 23,25
banana fish 6,8,9,13,14,16
Flower of Life 4
Initial D 33
Slam Dunk 19
Dance til Tomorrow 5,6
Dragonball 3 in 1 vol 9 - 14
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2022.01.28 02:16 not_lukes-buisness Just got the ninja dojo temple, and in the background is the new add on thing that coming in March

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2022.01.28 02:16 cannonballbliss My follow up to the “I envy happy dads, I am not one of them….yet” post.

First off I want to sincerely thank everyone that took the time to share constructive advice with me. It helped so much and I know this will help others too. You know what helped the most was the odd comment where the author expressed that they were in a very similar situation and feeling a lot of the same negative sentiments. To know that I/we are not alone was the biggest help for me. At the time I felt very alone in my situation. My daughter recently had the three month milestone which seems to definitely coincide with an emergence from the “pain cave” that is the early months of fatherhood.
At the time of writing we were not sleeping much at all due to the horrible colic symptoms our daughter had. Squirming and fussing and crying incessantly….. it was debilitating for my wife and I. We run our own company and we were getting behind on certain aspects of it. I was going insane knowing our business was becoming compromised. Our toddler was draining us and my increasingly poor attitude was leading to him favouring his mother which was demoralizing after feeling like a super dad. We have no family members to depend on (we have a good family but unfortunately nobody you’d be like: hey take my colicky daughter for a while. My mom was that person but she was taken too soon from us). We were cooped up inside because it was at least minus 20 for at least two weeks. Our toddler was home lots due to daycare being closed for every sniffle that came along.
I denied any advice to seek therapy because I am stubborn but deep down I knew this situation would improve and I knew I had the strength to keep pushing forward. After my post I called my closest friends and told them what I was feeling and that helped as they had been there before and emerged from the trenches.
Now I would like to discuss something else that was contributing to my radically poor emotions….. and that was my 20 year plus use of cannabis. I do not drink or smoke and consider myself a stand up individual. Please do not judge me on this as it very common where I live and I hadn’t realized the impact it was having on my life. I started doing some research on cannabis use and came across the Reddit group leaves. After reading more and reflecting on myself I made the choice to quit for good and eliminate any variables. It helped more than I could imagine and I am not looking back. If you have ever considered quitting cannabis I suggest you continue on that journey with me. You are definitely not alone.
Since my quitting and the post we have got some work done, my daughters colic symptoms have eased, I connected with some old family members, the temperature has warmed, we got some sleep and my 2 year old and I went ice fishing today. His magnetism towards me has returned. To have his love back has brought tears of joy to my eyes and I have also began feeling a love for my daughter that is growing rapidly. I will not be using cannabis anymore in my life and I feel a renewed sense of self because of it. Hard times can make strong men.
If anyone wants to chat message me anytime. “I don’t even feel like drinking or getting high, because all that is going to do is accelerate, the anxieties i wish to alleviate”. -the Guru
Thank you all again and rock on dads. My pity party is over.
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2022.01.28 02:16 Balamo_OW I really dont know how to tittle this. Just watch

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2022.01.28 02:16 OpenDiscussion1223 I’m REALLY trying not to freak out.

Basically I’m 14 days post ops. I took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth. My bottom two were impacted pretty bad at 26 y/o. The one on the left is closed but the one on the right is not. When I eat food gets stuck and I have to use warm salt water to swish and rinse. I don’t think I have a dry socket because I’m not experiencing any pain but when is this hole suppose to close??! 😭😭😭
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2022.01.28 02:16 Green_Skew Khalbile Thee or Khalbilethi?

Was listening to Kizhakkudikkum song from Anwar. Now I have a vet going on with my younger brother . How do we prove this 😁
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2022.01.28 02:16 CryptoEmpathy7 "I got half of my family into crypto before the crash. This is my story"

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